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Believing A Man Can Fly: Memories Of A Life In Special Effects And Film by Colin Chilvers And Aaron Lam

Newly released in 2020 comes this terrific autobiography of special effects supervisor Colin Chilvers (the Oscar-winner for Superman: The Movie – who then went on to supervise the practical effects for Saturn 3).

Co-authored by my friend Aaron Lam – the man who interviewed Colin for the Blu-ray – there is a substantial section in the book devoted to Colin’s recollections of his time spent working on Saturn 3.

Of interest to fans is Colin’s surprise the film is remembered so fondly. “More than three decades after its theatrical release, I received a phone call from Scream Factory, which was planning to release a special edition Blu-ray of Saturn 3. They interviewed me for the special features of the release and it was the first time I’d given the film any thought for many years. I was surprised and flattered that anyone was still interested in the film after so long.”

All in all, ‘Believing a Man Can Fly’ is an entertainingly informative insight into the fifty year career of this talented effects artist and a worthy addition to the bookshelf of every genre film fan out there. See the link below to learn more about the book and how to purchase a copy.