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Hey everyone! I’ve set up this page in order to showcase fan art related to SATURN 3 … so if there are any budding artists (or established artists) out there who would like to have their Saturn 3-related art work displayed here for all to enjoy … just drop me a line at the email address below and I’ll be pleased to post it on this page!


A terrific piece from Dietrich Kerner from Germany. A beautiful rendering of the Saturn Survey logo seen throughout the film. For more of Dietrich’s striking graphics, please visit his page here:


A big thank you to author/illustrator Nikki Bolton for submitting this impressive anime style illustration she did “just for fun”. Thanks Nikki! This is great! To see more of Nikki’s work please visit her web page here:

The following art pieces and 12 inch Hector figure were created by longtime fan Randall in the US.

Randall explains how he created Hector, “About 30 years ago while my dad was recovering in the hospital from surgery, I noticed all the discarded syringes and iv tubing in the biohazard box. So I took it. Using a generic male action figure, I stitched the tubing through the soft body to create the texture. The arms are made out of small syringes for upper arm and the needle caps for the lower. A large syringe is the brain cylinder. The long thin hollow cleaning wands are chopped up and threaded with wire for the hands and the neck, two unpainted portions are the eyes. Finally, the same wire was used for some surface texture. Foam blocks were used for the shoulders, feet and head. Then all was painted silver.”

Randall also created the costumes for these 12 inch figures of Harvey Keitel, Kirk Douglas and Farrah.

Great stuff Randall! The Hector figure is particularly impressive.

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