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Listen to excerpts from Elmer Bernstein’s musical score for Saturn 3:

Track 10 from the soundtrack album: ‘Training Hector’

Track 17 from the soundtrack album ‘End Credits’

This version of the end credits music is the original version which differs from the one used in the final cut of the film.

And here is a terrific techno/garage mix  produced and performed by Paul Eric Lagace (under the moniker Sat Down ’99) which features a whole bunch of audio samples from Saturn 3:

A great little promo put together by Scream Factory to help promote the Blu-ray release:

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  1. The original cut of the movie was posted on youtube sometime past. Hopefully, the extended version that was shown on NBC will be made available in the near future.

    • Thanks Chris for the heads-up! I’m pretty certain Universal now own Lew Grade’s back catalog – including Saturn 3. The amount of traffic I’ve been seeing come through this site indicates real interest in this particular film hasn’t waned. 🙂

    • Hey thanks for this Chris! I see there is a still at the very end of this clip from the deleted second half of the blue dreamers murder sequence (with Farrah and Kirk dragging Keitel’s body) which I haven’t seen before. I’m definitely going to have to chase this up! Great work, buddie! 🙂

      • My pleasure, Greg. I’ve always been curious about that scene, myself. It would have been cool if Stanley Donan had left the scene in the film’s final cut. Hopefully, it is still in existence, somewhere.

    • Hey Chris. Thanks for the heads-up! Yeah, I’ve been aware of this for some months now – as I’ve been secretly involved in helping out with this release. Unfortunately, I’ve been sworn to secrecy – so I can’t actually divulge the extent of my input just yet. But as soon as I receive the okay to speak about it, I’ll definitely be posting an official announcement. It certainly is fantastic news that the movie will finally receive the attention it deserves!




      • Awesome! I look forward to hearing any new information about the upcoming release.

        While I’m thinking about it, there are a couple of questions that I have regarding the type of future that Saturn 3 was set in. Specifically one about certain places that were mentioned by both Adam and Benson at the beginning of the movie.

        I’ve been curious to know about this Terminal 5 that Benson claimed to have come from. Let alone the location of it. He mentioned that this Terminal 5 came from the ‘Far Side Of The East Billards’. Adam mentioned that he had spent a couple of terms in ‘Billard Park’. A place that Benson described as a dead cell that was now cleaned out.

        Are these locations on Earth, or are they seperate solar colonies? Are they anything like the Saturn Survey Platform that appeared at the beginning of the film?

        I don’t remember if the novelization had gone into any detail about these two locations. That’s something that has left me puzzled over the years, since I first saw the film(back in 1981 on HBO).

        Did the novelization or the screenplay reveal any background information about these two locations?



      • Funny you should mention this, Chris. I was thinking about this very thing just the other day! Yeah, I’ve always loved these little references to Earth society scattered throughout the dialog. The bleak picture painted of 22nd Century Earth is that there are no longer sovereign countries, nations or even borders, and world affairs are run by an all-encompassing global government. The dialog you mention has always intrigued me as well. I always thought Benson’s line (as voiced by Roy Dotrice) was “Far side of the East Biddials” – like ‘Biddials’ was some made-up name of a location on Earth. However, no – according to the screenplay and the novelization – the actual line is “Far side of the East Billions.” – as in (I guess) ‘billions of people’ – what with the Earth being an overcrowded hell hole and all. Adam says he spent a couple of terms in Billion Park, which Benson then tells him “It’s been cleaned out now. It’s a dead cell.” As to what exactly this means – your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps the pollution there became so bad the-powers-that-be had the population relocated elsewhere – or more disturbingly, a billion people were systematically euthenized as a population control measure. I do know Martin Amis jokingly suggested recently that euthanasia booths could be erected on every street corner for the elderly to end it all to help keep their numbers down. Also in the screenplay, Terminal 5 is referred to as a town – Adam says “What condor do you come from, Captain?” (I guess ‘condor’ is future-speak for ‘town’). But Kirk’s line was changed to ‘county’ to make it sound less strange. To which Benson replies “My home town’s Terminal 5.”

        Hope this helps!



  2. Hey, Greg

    I just came across this on the Blu-Ray webpage.

    There has been some discussion on the BB’s concerning the extra footage from the 103 minute workprint. Someone posted that the footage was no longer available. I’m hoping that is just a rumor. Plus someone mentioned the idea about releasing both versions of the film on the new Blu-Ray.

    Has any new information been made available, concerning these two subjects?

    While I am thinking about it, I have some questions about the film and the novelization. Since we only knew the surnames of both Benson and James at the beginning of the film(though I could have sworn that James yelled what sounded like ‘Vince’, before Benson killed him), and later the first names of Adam and Alex, did the screenplay ever reveal their entire full names? I always found it odd that we never knew Adam and Alex’s last names. Let alone not learning the first names of Benson and James.

    Also, in Steve Gallagher’s novelization, he had described that the Saturn 3 facility at one point was fully manned. After the staff was reduced down to two(Adam and Alex), sometime after Alex transfered from the Saturn 6 facility(another station on one of Saturn’s other moons), various sections and personnel quarters were closed and sealed off. Was any explanation given, concerning those two subjects? Let alone any information concerning the other Saturn moon colonies and their primary functions for the Saturn Survey? Why did Alex transfer to Saturn 3?

    Do you think that Alex returned to Saturn 3 after she visited Earth, or do you think that she was stationed elsewhere? The ending of the novel indicated that she would probably return, yet it was still open to other possibilities.



    • Thanks Chris for the heads-up regarding the BB’s. I’m guessing Cliff’s reply that “You can’t restore a film if the footage doesn’t exist anymore. It’s all gone.” – may well be the situation as it currently stands. Which is a real shame. I guess we’ll never know what happened to the longer cut – as the film’s editor Richard Marden passed away in 2006.

      As to the character names …

      According to the screenplay, the actual line which James yells at Benson just before he is flushed is ‘Benz!’ – which I guess is short for Benson. The surnames of Adam and Alex are never revealed in the screenplay – although we do learn something of their backstories. Adam, it seems ‘… left Earth in a spirit of great disgust ten years previously … he has done various low level jobs around the Colonies before coming to Saturn 3.’ We also learn that Alex is ‘… unsystematically educated. She was a lab assistant on, as it might be, Pluto, before teaming up with Adam.’ Seeing as Alex is a space-born and not really considered important enough to warrant an actual name – it doesn’t make sense that she should be given one outside the name Adam gives her. I do know that in Steve Gallagher’s novelization it is mentioned that Adam named her Alex Alexandra. But as with most novelizations, much of this kind of exposition is usually dreamed up by the author to fill in the blanks – which in this case, includes the idea that the Saturn 3 compound is ex-military. Also, there is no explanation given as to what function the Saturn Survey actually serves in the screenplay’s universe.

      And yeah, I’ve often wondered what happened to Alex after the fade out at the end. Did she become corrupted by Earth society – or did she reject it? I like to think the latter …

      Anyway, I always love the curveballs you send me Chris – Hope this helps!



  3. Hey, Greg

    Someone recently posted some of the deleted scenes from the workprint on youtube. It might lead to something concerning the extended footage issue and the release. At least we can hope.

    Hope this will be of some assistance.


    • Cheers Chris!

      Yeah, I’ve known about this for a couple of weeks now – as I’ve been in contact (via email) with the guy who put it up on youtube. He’s a big Farrah fan in the US – who contacted me with the exciting news that he has in his possession a VHS tape recording of the very 103 minute cut which was aired on NBC in 1984. Remarkably, the tape is in good condition, considering its age, and he has transferred the tape to digital and burnt a copy of the entire movie for me which should hopefully arrive here within a matter of days. With a bit of luck one of my DVD players will be able to play it (NTSC to PAL) and I’ll be able to view it on my big screen TV – afterwhich I will be posting a review of the extended cut on the site.

      As I’m sure everyone will appreciate – this is enormously exciting news and I’d like to pass on my heartfelt thanks to Bob for doing this fantastic thing for me.

      I look forward to reporting back with my thoughts after 33 years of waiting to see this version!

      Cheers guys!




    Hey everyone. I just added a link to a really cool techno/garage mix track which features a whole bunch of audio samples from Saturn 3. It was put together by Paul Eric Lagace – love it!



  5. Hello. While I haven’t seen the film for several years, I am really curious to hear what features the blu ray/DVD combo pack coming in December from Shout Factory will include. Thanks a bunch for any info you may have! I can’t help but wonder if Shout contacted you guys for help gathering cool stuff regarding the making of the film.

    • Cheers Marty. Yeah, I’ve been having some involvement with the Blu-ray release – although I can’t really say much about it at the moment. But be rest assured – there are gonna be some fantastic extras which fans have been hoping for. 🙂

  6. Hey, Greg

    I just purchased the release today. All I can say is this: WOW! The picture and sound quality was razor sharp and crystal clear. The bonus features were awesome. The interviews with Colin Chilvers and Roy Dotrice were very entertaining. And the audio commentary narrated by both you and David was very excellent and informative! I learned a few more things about the ITC film that I didn’t know about, beforehand.

    Overall, it was great watching the movie again after so many years. Truly, an enjoyable and fun-filled experience.

    Thanks for bringing the film back after all of this time. It was fun revisiting that futuristic world in all of its wonderous glory. Hope all is well. 🙂


    P.S. I’ll be sending some more pics your way from the film. I came across them after watching the film. 🙂

    • Thanks Chris! I’m pleased you like the release so much (and particularly the commentary). There was a lot of love and effort put into this. And I’m pleased it is being embraced so warmly by fellow fans. I look forward to checking out the next batch of pics! 🙂

  7. Hi there. Great site. I did not know of this site until halfway through me editing this film. I edit films as a hobby and this site is filled with all I need to know about Saturn 3. I remember anticipating this movie and was let down when viewing it. I could not understand how they butchered the chance to make some great sci fi. I was let down by the special effects, the plot, the hammy acting from K.Douglas, the (at some times) over reaching of the musical score, and the weird editing. Like they did not have a complete idea of a movie. The best scenes, to my then young mind, was the replacement of the pilot, the assembly of the robot, and the end sequence with the cool space ships. I kept wondering why they used 60’s sci fi sound effects, sound effects ripped off from the movie alien, and even a funky guitar beat before the robot is put together after such great films (with better scores) where already released. You know, like star wars, alien, and such. Who’s idea was this? What kind of movie is this? Why is this movie centered around the looks of Farra Fawcett when they could be doing soo much more with the sets and this robot? If there is this much talking, at least give the movie some more atmosphere. And the nude scenes. Why was this old dude nude so much? Did I just watch a 64 year old actor pretend to fight an actor half his age, and in the nude? Did I just see “the crack Kirk?” My EYES! MY POOR MIND. The Fawcett booty scenes where ok but not done correctly. Something was amiss during those scenes. I could see that even with my young eyes. Now I know what happened, and then some! ! I am now seeking the extra parts to the movie. Now that I know they exist, I hopefully can see all of them. Awesome! Oh if you would like, I could send you a copy of the edit. Would love to get your thoughts on it! Anyway, great site for such an interesting tale of train wreck movie making!! Cheers!

    • Hi George,

      Thanks for your comments! Wow – I’m blown away! You’re the only person I’ve come across who recognizes that some of the sound effects used in Saturn 3 are indeed from Alien! But I’m afraid I’m a little confused when you say you edited the film – which film do you mean exactly?



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