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Hi everyone!

Well now I guess all can be revealed regarding my involvement in the special bonus features on       the Blu-ray release. Yes, it’s true – it will be my voice you will be hearing on the commentary track – as I talk at length about the troubled history of the making of the movie and impart the odd piece of fascinating trivia here and there. I would like to give a big  thank you to Cliff MacMillan at Shout Factory for allowing me this terrific opportunity and also a big thanks to special features producer Reed Kaplan for chasing up some of my suggestions for people to approach. I would also like to thank my illustrious co-host on the commentary track, my good friend Dave Bradley and also     engineer Kat McCarthy for driving the desk during the recording – thanks Kat!

I look forward to checking out what I am sure will be a release which will be enthusiastically embraced by fans around the world – as well as sparking interest from new fans who have                 yet to see this fun little movie.

Cheers everyone! – And thanks again!



Well now that the disk has been released; here’s what some people are saying about the commentary track …

“… The most valuable extra is the audio commentary by SATURN 3 ‘experts’ Greg Moss and Dave Bradley. These dudes are obsessed – but since this is a film with such a complex and tortured history these are precisely the kinds of people you want on the case. The discussion is academic but informative.” – Horace Cordier, rock!shock!pop!.com

“ … Moss has a very vast and intricate knowledge of the background story behind the making of SATURN 3 … this commentary was a solid, informative listen which gave me a new perspective on the movie.” – Rupert Pupkin,

“Shout! Factory include an audio commentary by Greg Moss (Saturn 3 Fan site) and film critic David Bradley who impress with their knowledge of the film and playful bantering about the film’s merits and detractions …” –  Gary Tooze,

“Best Feature: The ‘Commentary Track’ is by far the most comprehensive and candid due to Greg Moss of the Saturn 3 Fan Page dishing all the dirt on everything from the firing of John Barry to the replacement of Keitel’s voice – love honesty in any form.” – Jason Coleman,

“… The jewel in the cybernetic crown is the audio commentary track with critic David Bradley and Greg Moss of Something Is Wrong on Saturn 3, chock full of facts and behind-the-scenes scuttlebutt. Moss is a longtime enthusiast of the film, and while he’s quick to point out its flaws, just as much attention is given to what Donen and his able cast/crew get right.” – Aaron Christensen, HorrorHound Magazine

“… Moss, host of the ‘Something is Wrong on Saturn 3’ website, is the authority on the history of the film and along with moderator Bradley, the two make for an impressively detailed commentary. No rock is left unturned and while there are certain dry spells, they are warranted considering how many interesting facts and anecdotes are expressed in just a few breaths. If principal talent cannot be secured for a film commentary, this is exactly the kind of expert commentary one wants to hear. You will walk away enlightened and with a deeper appreciation for ‘Saturn 3’.” –  Mike Kenny,

“… Greg Moss goes through tons of information on the film … It’s incredibly informative, well versed and stays on track. Probably the highlight of the release … the commentary track provides an incredible passion and history regarding the production and all the film’s players. Its almost worth recommending it over the actual audio.” – Brandon Peters,

“While not a “collector’s edition” title, Saturn 3 is loaded up with great extras, including a commentary track by Greg Moss, the mad-genius behind the blog Something is Wrong on Saturn 3, which is literally the most comprehensive source of Saturn 3 information anywhere. Moss brings his expertise here in a hugely enjoyable and informative track that, for me, is reason enough to own this Blu-ray. Seriously, I cannot remember the last time I recommended a purchase based on a commentary track; this one is that good!” – Head Cheeze,

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  1. Both awesome and excellent news! Especially about the deleted scene and additional tv scenes! I’m even more curious about what Colin Chilvers and Roy Doctrice have to say about their participations in the ITC film. Greg, I look forward to hearing the commentary that you and David recorded for the blu-ray.

    Minus two months and counting….

    • Cheers Chris! Yeah, I’m also really looking forward to hearing what Roy Dotrice has to say – hopefully he’s gonna shed some much-needed light on the reason behind his revoicing of Harvey Keitel’s entire performance … something which has been a complete mystery to us all for the past thirty-three years. I’m also keen to hear what Colin Chilvers has to say about the difficulties he and his crew encountered in getting Hector to perform. Not long now!


  2. i just purchased saturn 3 on blu-ray, havent seenit since 1980. i know the production had issues..but this movie brings back memories of my 14thyr on the planet earth..(LOL). anyway. i enjoyed sat-3, for what it tried and tries to set. i loved the famous monsters of filmland issue with kirk douglas on the cover. ( still in my collection)…its about memories of the early 80’s when space movies were jumping out left and right. before mtv , before i grew into adulthood and the magic of movies died. thanks to cgi, bad actors. anyway saturn -3 is like the friends down the street..nobody wants to deal with them.but they do things no one else tried. childhood memories..cant be saturn 3’s problems…i say sit back and enjoy. hey there is a website for the movie so their are still fans out there.

    • Hey Larry,

      That Famous Monsters Of Filmland issue you have wouldn’t happen to be the same issue which contains Ric Meyer’s final interview with John Barry, would it?



      • im not sure greg i can check. we just moved to fla..and i have been off the net ( here) for a while due to work, its a blue cover..with kirk and the robot. but i sure tresure it..its in a frame in storage..when we get inour house ( my man cave ) i will have it on the wall again. 🙂
        palmer65 aka larry

      • Sounds great, Larry! If you could check for me – and let me know – that would be fantastic! 🙂

  3. is there any books or fan made magazines of the movie? is there any blu prints of the robot..or any sets? thanks so much for any help.

    • Hey Larry! The only book which was published to help promote the movie was the novelization by Steve Gallagher – which was published by Sphere Books back in 1980. It’s long been out of print, but I’m sure you could find a second hand copy on e-bay. As for blue prints – as far as I’m aware, there were never any blue prints released commercially. Hope this helps.



    • Hi Jeffrey. At a guess I’d say there was no Keitel voiced version – as he wasn’t involved in the ADR process. And as far as I know, he has never commented on it. 🙂

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