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Hey everyone. Just added this new page – where I will be updating what’s new on the site. It will be replacing the HEADS UP – WHAT’S NEW? posts I have been using up till now. I will be using the comments section below to post updates.



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  1. SITE UPDATE – Check out my review of the legendary extended US TV cut – which I just posted a few minutes ago. You can find it on its own page ‘extended TV cut’. This is perhaps the first time anyone has written such a review of this version!


  2. SITE UPDATE – Be sure to check out Bob’s additional observations on the differences between the two versions in the comments section of the ‘extended TV cut’ page.


  3. SITE UPDATE – I just created a new page for memorabilia. Check it out for images of the vintage press kit (kindly submitted by Bob Powers).


  4. SITE UPDATE – I just uploaded another seven screen caps and stills to the picture gallery page. Included amongst these are three shots from the locker room scene, a shot of Benson’s shuttle traversing the rings, a production still of the shuttle having just landed, a screen cap of Adam in the communications room and a lobby card of Adam hurling a bucket at Hector. Thanks to regular site contributer Chris Dalton for finding these terrific pics!


  5. SITE UPDATE – I just posted a new page specifically for any behind the scenes pictures which may come to hand. Thanks to Bob for finding these terrific on set pictures (photographed by Saturn 3 unit photographer Keith Hamshere).


  6. SITE UPDATE – I just created a new page devoted to the on set photography of Keith Hamshere. I will be posting more pictures as they surface.

  7. SITE UPDATE – I’ve just updated the ‘behind the scenes’ page with an original diagram of the sound stages at Shepperton – which offer up some interesting insights with regard to the size and scale of the Titan interior set.

  8. SITE UPDATE – I’ve just created a new page dedicated to the upcoming Blu-ray release and have also made a special announcement regarding my involvement. So please, if you do have any queries or comments you would like to share regarding the Blu-ray and my involvement – then please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comments section of the blu-ray release page. Or alternatively you can email me at gmossaturn3@internode.on.net

    Cheers all!


  9. SITE UPDATE – I’ve just added some new images to the ‘memorabilia’ page – pictures of the 1980 Japanese Program (thanks to Chris).

  10. SITE UPDATE – I’ve just created a new page entitled ‘fan correspondence’ – which is where I will be posting emails from time to time from fans requesting particular things from others who may be able to help.

  11. SITE UPDATE – I’ve just updated the ‘memorabilia’ page to include a fascinating insight from prop collector Craig Spivey – regarding a piece of movie history which features in Saturn 3 – as well as many other sci-fi movies from the time. Thanks Craig for sharing your amazing find!

  12. SITE UPDATE – Several new additions to the site … I’ve just added another fifteen pictures to the picture gallery – including a number of gorgeous screen caps provided by Craig Spivey – thanks Craig! There are also a couple of production stills from the deleted scene in the extended TV cut where Adam takes Hector outside. And finally – a rare production still showing the back of Hector, highlighting his anatomical design.

  13. SITE UPDATE – Just added a new picture to the ‘behind the scenes’ gallery which Bob Powers sent to me. It is an onset photo of Farrah posing with her mother and aunt on the set of Saturn 3. This find is especially exciting as it pretty much corroborates something I recently learnt about the production. Farrah’s makeup has her ‘dirtied down’ – indicating the set visit by her family occured during photography of the final ‘stalk and chase’ sequence of the film. This fact together with the date of the visit supports reports that the bulk of the movie was pretty much filmed in chronological order.

  14. SITE UPDATE – Just added a new item to the ‘memorabilia’ page. Another piece from Bob Power’s personal collection – an iron-on patch featuring the Saturn Survey logo which was given away at the very first screenings of Saturn 3.

  15. SITE UPDATE – Thanks to Bob again, I’ve posted a link to a youtube clip which Bob uploaded from a recording he made of Farrah’s 1987 appearance on The Tonight Show where she mentions Saturn 3. You can find the link embedded in the main article.

  16. SITE UPDATE – Hey everyone, I’m back after moving house and I’ve just posted a new bunch of Keith Hamshere pics found by Bob Powers. You can find these pics of Farrah in her infamous ‘coming out dress’ at the bottom of the ‘on set photography’ page.

  17. SITE UPDATE – Just posted a fantastic little promo clip put together by Scream Factory to help promote the Blu-ray release. You can find a link to it on the ‘youtube links’ page. Nice work Scream Factory!

  18. SITE UPDATE – Hey everyone. thanks to some fantastic sluething by regular site contributor Chris Dalton – I’ve updated the main article for the first time since March last year. The information Chris has provided has to do with some of the visual effects shots of Saturn which were used in the movie. It now appears the images of Saturn which open the film (and a couple of backgrounds used during Benson’s flight through the rings) were originally created for ‘Breakaway” – the pilot episode of the TV series Space 1999 – but were never used. They show the moon (having been blasted out of Earth orbit) travelling past Saturn on its trajectory out of the solar system. It makes sense that Lew Grade (who also produced Space 1999) would resort to using this footage for Saturn 3 – as the VFX budget for the film was slashed and reappropriated at the eleventh hour in order to help save his other troubled production, Raise The Titanic. – Nice work Chris!

    • Thanks, Greg. I was pretty surprised when I came across that unused footage of Saturn. That was pretty wild. I’m glad that the footage was put to use in the film. They looked really sharp.

  19. im glad you guys have this site. is there any props roaming around the earth from the movie? i seen hectors brain (s) on your props.com thanks guys

    • Hey Larry,

      I’m sure props will appear from time to time. I did see a couple of kid-sized copies of the Saturn Survey uniform used in the World Spaceways observation deck scene at the end where available for a time … not sure if they still are.



  20. SITE UPDATE – Hey everyone! I’ve just set up a new page called ‘fan art’ – where I hope to showcase any Saturn 3-related art which fans out there might like to share for everyone to enjoy. Don’t be shy! If you’d like me to post your work, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at my email address: gmossaturn3@internode.on.net.




  21. SITE UPDATE – Hey everyone! I just updated the main article (the first time since January last year!) with a nice little quote from Elmer Bernstein regarding the score. And a big thank you to site contributor Chris Dalton for unearthing this terrific piece of info! 🙂

  22. SITE UPDATE – Just added a new photo to the ‘behind the scenes’ page – an extremely rare pic sent to me by site contributer Bob from Seattle, which shows Farrah’s estranged husband Lee Majors visiting her on the set at Shepperton. Cheers Bob! Great pic!

  23. SITE UPDATE – Just updated the main article with a quote from Mark Hamill regarding the passing of John Barry. Thanks to Kai Clear for submitting the quote!


  24. im glad their on there….greg please keep us posted on all new things GRREAT JOB HERE. I m looking for blue prints from th e movie….anything. * this movie and john carter are my two favorite sci fi movies. logans run comes in close 3.

    • Thanks! I’ll definitely continue posting updates as new stuff appears. As for blue prints … there was never anything commercial released. And I understand Colin Chilvers – who helped build and operate the robot – hasn’t kept anything from the production. So my guess is the original blue prints remain lost for now. And yep – agree with you regarding JOHN CARTER – a criminally under-appreciated movie!

  25. SITE UPDATE – Just received a gorgeous piece of anime style fan art from author/illustrator Nikki Bolton – which I have posted on the ‘Fan Art’ page. So please do check it out. It’s wonderful! Thanks Nikki! 🙂

  26. SITE UPDATE – Wow, so it’s been quite a while since I last updated the site (yikes!). But I’d like everyone to know that I will be more active on the site from here on in. Just letting you know that a friend of mine – Aaron Lam – has just co-authored an autobiography of Saturn 3 special effects supervisor Colin Chilvers – with the great man himself. Entitled ‘Believing A Man Can Fly: Memories Of A Life In Special Effects And Film’ – this entertainingly informative book has shed new light on Colin’s involvement with Saturn 3 – little snippets of which I have included in the main “Making Of’ article. I will be posting a link to where you can purchase the book soon. It’s a terrific read which has about four and a half pages devoted to Saturn 3. So keep an eye out for that. 🙂

  27. SITE UPDATE – So I’ve created a new page promoting Colin Chilver’s newly-released autobiography (co-written with Aaron Lam) ‘Believing A Man Can Fly.’ You will find the page in the menu bar up top – listed as ‘Colin Chilvers Book’. The page contains links for those interested in purchasing a copy. I highly recommend it.

  28. SITE UPDATE – I’m so excited to announce a brand new page has been added: my review of an early draft of the screenplay by Evan Hunter. Another fascinating part of the Saturn 3 jigsaw.

  29. SITE UPDATE – Just added a new page ‘John Barry Podcast’ – where you’ll find a link to a podcast I recently appeared on – exploring the story of the late great John Barry. Dan Delgardo’s podcast series ‘The Industry’ is one of my new favourite things and well worth checking out.

    • Thanks for all the updates Gregory! I still check this site from time to time to see if either of the extended versions have been released 🙂
      Take care and stay safe, John

      • Cheers John! I’m actually in the process of putting together another major post on the site. Something I can’t talk about just yet. But It’s very exciting. 🙂

  30. SITE UPDATE – Just added some great new fan art in the ‘Fan Art’ page – courtesy of longtime fan Randall in the US. Check it out. 🙂

    • Alright! Glad this site is still active. Just watched the movie and enjoyed it despite its quirks. Nice to know exactly what went on behind the scenes.

      • Cheers Giovanni! I have an exciting new feature I’m currently putting together for the site. Will be posting it in a little while. 🙂

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